Annual Reports

In the past, the Electricity Ombudsman, and then the Energy Ombudsman, Annual Reports were stand-alone documents, however, over the past few years the Energy jurisdiction details are incorporated into the Ombudsman Tasmania's Annual Report.

There was no requirement to table those Annual Reports, whereas the Ombudsman Tasmania Annual Reports are required to be tabled in Parliament therefore the Energy data is now also included in the Ombudsman's report.

Please visit the LINC online archive for previous editions of the Energy Ombudsman Annual Report.


The Energy Ombudsman Act 1998 empowers the Ombudsman to make an Award directing an energy entity to pay compensation or take other action to resolve a complaint as determined by the Ombudsman.

Under the Act the Ombudsman can make an Award to the value of $20,000 or up to $50,000 with the agreement of the entity subject to the Award.

Two Awards have been made under s 21(c) of the Energy Ombudsman Act 1998.  These Awards may be downloaded from the  links below.

Ms F & Mr G Complaint Against Aurora (PDF, 156.1 KB)

Mr & Mrs D Complaint Against Aurora (PDF, 138.9 KB)