The Energy Ombudsman Act 1998 empowers the Ombudsman to make an Award directing an energy entity to pay compensation or take other action to resolve a complaint as determined by the Ombudsman.

Two Awards have been made under s 21(c) of the Energy Ombudsman Act 1998.  These Awards may be downloaded from the below mentioned links.

Ms F & Mr G Complaint Against Aurora  [PDF,  156KB,  11 Pages]

Mr & Mrs D Complaint Against Aurora   [PDF,  138KB,  8 Pages]

These Awards were made by my predecessor, Mr Simon Allston, in January 2012.  They could not be published prior to his leaving office, as Aurora had not had the opportunity to provide comment on the final versions of the awards.  This has now happened, the awards themselves have been finalised and it is now appropriate that they be published in redacted form.

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