Electricity Legislation

  • Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995 An Act to promote efficiency and competition in the electricity supply industry, to provide for a safe and efficient system of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and supply, to provide for the safety of electrical installations, equipment and appliances, to enforce proper standards in the performance of electrical work, to protect the interests of consumers of electricity and for related purposes.
  • Electricity Supply Industry (Tariff Customers) Regulations 2008 These regulations apply to the sale and supply of electricity to tariff customers by electricity retailers.
  • Electricity Wayleaves and Easements Act 2000 An Act to make provision with respect to wayleaves held and obtainable by electricity entities, rights of access to land for the purpose of maintaining electricity infrastructure and related matters.
  • Tasmanian Electricity Code 2005 The Tasmanian Economic Regulator * publishes and maintains the Tasmanian Electricity Code (the Code), the first version of which was issued on 1 July 1998. The Code sets out the detailed arrangements for the regulation of the Tasmanian electricity supply industry and is provided for and enforceable under the Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995 (ESI Act), which is the principal Act governing the operation of the electricity supply industry in Tasmania.
  • Aurora Energy's Standard Tariff Agreement This agreement forms the basis of a customer's contract with Aurora for the supply of electricity. It details the rights and responsibilities of both consumers and Aurora. The following is a link to the Agreement http://www.auroraenergy.com.au/your-home/electricity/rates-and-charges or a hard copy can be obtained by contacting Aurora's Customer Service Centre on 1300 132 003.